Golden Gate Tennis Club
2018 October Club Day


  1. Fill out the application
  2. Payment will be taken on the day of the event.
  3. FREE for club members, $15 for non-club members
  4. If you need more information, email Ken at
  5. Please note if you are a Golden Gate Tennis Club member

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NTRP:  3.0  3.5  4.0  4.5

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Club Day Entrants

First Name Last Name NTRP Member Date
TriyLeeM2.5Y 12/15/18
DonaldLeeM2.5Y 12/16/18
RonaldLeeM3.5Y 12/14/18
CharlieWangM4.0Y 12/14/18
SteveLeeM4.0Y 12/14/18
JulianneLee-WongM4.0Y 12/15/18
AbelineLeeW2.5Y 12/14/18
TriciaLeeW2.5Y 12/14/18
JoanLeeW3.5Y 12/14/18