Golden Gate Tennis Club
October 26, 2019
Saturday 10 am - 2:30 pm


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I'll bring something to eat!

Club Day Entrants

First Name Last Name NTRP Memb Date Eats!
ParinMaruM3.5N 10/07/19Yes
KentSooM3.5Y 10/12/19Pizza
AdityaGuglaniM3.5N 10/14/19Yes!
HrishikeshParanjapeM4.0N 09/15/20N
PaulaBungenW3.5N 10/06/19dessert
MaryKeilW3.5Y 10/08/19Pasta salad
Lois AnneIndorfW3.5Y 10/12/19yes
CynthiaHamiltonW3.5Y 10/12/19
JuliekimW3.5N 10/20/19hummus & veggies
SereneLaiW3.5N 09/06/20Ok
VickySimondsW4.0Y 10/16/19dessert
Eun YoungLeeW4.0Y 10/16/19Yes, not sure what yet
SallyFitzhughW4.0N 10/20/19Bagels
AnneKavanaghW4.0Y 10/21/19Not sure yet!
Susan VollmerW4.0Y 10/24/19Yes